Ceremony on 4 February 2021 at 5pm, watch at www.nurseryworldawards.com/2020 , #NWAwards

Winner 2018: Linda Sawyer, Nursery Manager at Busy Bees in Salisbury | Nursery Manager of the Year

“It’s such an honour to win this award, it means so much more than I can put into words. Our nursery is such a lovely environment where everyone’s achievements are recognised. My loyal and longstanding team are incredibly proud and this reflects on them just as much as me. I’ve built brilliant relationships with all our parents and children, so they were also thrilled to hear the news!"

Winner 2019: Ginny Andreas, Nursery Manager at Little Adventurers in Upminster | Nursery Manager of the Year

Having worked in the early years sector for over 30 years, it came as an enormous surprise and joy to be the winner of the Nursery World Manager of the Year in 2019. With so much excellent early years practice across the country, it was such an honour to be selected for this award and I have to pay tribute to all those in our wonderful team for their dedication and support over the 5 years since Little Adventurers began. This amazing recognition of practice that seeks to give children a voice within the learning environment has been noticed by parents and prospective parents alike and has increased our profile and reputation within our local community.